eXimus - Turn It Up (Album)(Hard Copy)

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This is for the Hard Copy (Actual CD and Jewel Case). Shipping is already included.

Track 1: Turn It Up
Track 2: Make It Clap
Track 3: Rock Your Body
Track 4: Locked Down
Track 5: Goodbye My Lover (feat. Kandace)
Track 6: Move
Track 7: I Miss You
Track 8: Party It Up
Track 9: Wonder Why I Love
Track 10: Tell Me
Track 11: It's Hot
Track 12: Last Goodnight
Track 13: Ride With Me
Track 14: Never Forget Me
Track 15: Bounce
Track 16: Lost Letter (feat. Ashely Skyie & Vicky St. Ives)
Track 17: Move (Urban Remix)
Track 18: Goodbye My Lover (feat. Kandace) (Ricky Ric Remix)
Track 19: Make It Clap (Remix)
Track 20: Goodbye My Lover (feat. Kandace) (09 Remix)

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